Windows Mountpoint/Junction to network volumes.

I have been planning on phasing out the “virtual mount point” feature in my file system tech for some time now. This feature served its purpose and still functions, but with more of Windows and 3rd party apps now mountpoint and symlink aware, it causes more compat issues than in prevents.

The plan was to switch to using real NTFS mountpoints. Unfortunately this plan has run into trouble. After a day screwing with things trying to get this to work, a little debugging work in the kernel reveals that the lack of support for mountpoints to network volumes is a bit more enforced than I had hoped. The IO manager is more involved with mountpoint processing than with other types of reparse points, and explicitly checks that the target device is a local file system.

For various technical reasons, my file system presents to the system as a network file system, so cannot be the target of an NTFS mount point. I already have a work-around, but I was not able to get rid of as much of the old virtual mountpoint logic as I had hoped.

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