Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 released

I do not pay much mind to new Linux distro releases, but RHEL requires a little extra attention on my part.

My primary solution to supporting my kernel module based projects on linux is to compile on the users system, but Redhat does not provide long term archives of the needed kernel-devel packages for all of their kernel updates. So, I prebuild binary kernel modules just for the Redhat based distros. This has worked pretty well so far, as Redhat seems to try pretty hard to avoid ABI compatibility breaks in their kernel updates within a given major version.

This week I went through the headache of putting together a clean RHEL 7 kernel source package for use in my Ptlinsdk toolchain. I can now pump out RHEL 5,6, and 7 prebuilt kernel modules with my normal buld process, from either a mac or linux build system.

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