I have had enough of C++, and I am not going to take it anymore. (or, I wanna be a C-tard.)

After 20 years of using C++ (in my own peculiar way perhaps) I am now officially a C-tard. I fought it for a while, but there is no denying it.

I still build modular designs using virtual interfaces, implementation hiding, polymorphism, and inheritance in implementations. But, I do it now in C. It is not hard, it is roughly the same amount of code and work as in C++, and the explicity of doing it in C grows on you.

What finally drove me away from C++? Practical motivations include the kernel environments I expect much of my code to be compatible with, but it was also a long list of frustrations trying to build, maintain, distribute, and/or support various C++ based cross platform projects.

Now if MS would stop holding C99 hostage…


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